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We design and install Home Audio and Home Theater Systems.


When it comes to your Sound System or Home Theater, you want it to be reasonably priced and very high quality. You want it expertly installed and easy to use. We know. We can help. Inphase Audio offers everything you need from basic to the most outrageous systems avalible.

With 10+ years experience we have seen and worked through industry changes and continuously strived to provide the best and easiest to use technology. Today, we continue that tradition and use structured wire panels, whole house audio/video processors, and TV/Phone/Network outlets that provide the highest level of convenience and flexibility. Oh yes - and Home Theater systems that rock.

Any of our customers in the Dallas and Ft.Worth area will tell you – We listen.

We understand that most people just want to thier stuff to work without having to press a lot of buttons or memorize a complex sequence. Tell us how you want it, that's how it'll be.

Technobabble vs. English.

HDTV, DLP, LCOS, 1080p,480i, which is better? What's the difference? What does all that mean? We will explain it in English. One system can't fit everyone. Inphase offers a vast assortment of the best brands and systems for the job at very competitive prices.


Wether you have a million dollar system, or want to re-wire your existing system, we can make them easier to use while providing the highest picture quality possible for your setup. Properly designed systems are constructed so all the components work well together, but no matter what kind of system you have, we can most likely make it run better, or even give youÊtips on what you can do to make it run better.


We are discrete. We won't drive up to your house in a truck wrapped with high dollar images of home theaters and other electronic gizmos. Those guys don't wrap their trucks for your benefit, they do it for theirs. You may not always want to advertise to the neighbors that you are installing a new home theater, or getting a new TV. If you like, we will even take the boxes with us when we are done so you don't have a stock pile of electronics boxes sitting out front of your house. On larger projects, if the Audio/Video contractor is outside a house for extended amounts of time, people might have a tendency to get curious about what is being installed, some might be more than curious. However, if there is a red truck outside for months, people may wonder who that is, but not give it a second thought. You have a right to your privacy.


We respect your property. We use blankets to cover up your furniture when we are installing speakers and keep blankets down to protect your floors from scratches. Our goal is to leave you house either as clean or cleaner than when we got there.

What our customers are saying about us.

"Kevin Tuggle did an extensive installation of audiovisual equipment in my new home. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and quality of work. I told him what I wanted and he did the rest, including ordering of equipment, installation and teaching me how to use it. He worked around my schedule and communicated with me almost daily. He even made extra trips to my home to troubleshoot problems. I highly recommend Kevin." –– B Smith

"Kevin is the consummate professional. He's always eager to please and adjust to his client's need. I've never known Kevin not to go the extra mile and deliver not only what's expected of him, but more."–– I.M.

"The man is the best... Knowledgeable... Reasonable, Punctual, Reliable. I have used his services for several years, Never let us down. Nothing but the best!"–– O.G.


























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