Control Systems

We don't just use any control systems

Savant will help you create a home that is uniquely yours, because we’ve designed our systems to suit the way you live. Create the perfect mood for dinner—in advance. When your guests arrive, Savant can dim the lights and mix the music just as you planned. Savant can coordinate your thermostats and window shades to improve energy efficiency. It’ll save you money—and the effort of thinking about it.

Luxul is a leading innovator of high performance Wi-Fi and wired networking products that are powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy. We are experts in delivering highly reliable solutions for use in the most demanding network deployments—ranging from residential and commercial LANs and WLANs to mobile Wi-Fi connectivity in heavy industrial and military applications.

Core to Luxul’s success and customer satisfaction is our technology that allows for maximum network performance and reliability while also enabling integration simplicity and ease of use. Luxul Products are used in networks worldwide to:

  • Simplify and optimize complete network installations
  • Increase Wi-Fi coverage by 400% or more over traditional wireless technologies
  • Maintain highest possible data rates across the entire network
  • Eliminate roaming issues in mobile Wi-Fi environments
  • Reduce infrastructure, installation and maintenance costs