Kevin Tuggle

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Tuggle did an extensive installation of audiovisual equipment in my new home.  I was extremely impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and quality of work.  I told him what I wanted and he did the rest, including ordering of equipment, installation and teaching me how to use it.  He worked around my schedule and communicated with me almost daily.  He even made extra trips to my home to troubleshoot problems.  I highly recommend Kevin.

Aaron K.

Kevin is the consummate professional. He’s always eager to please and adjust to his client’s need. I’ve never known Kevin not to go the extra mile and deliver not only what’s expected of him, but more.

Irene M.

The man is the best…knowledgeable…reasonable…punctual…reliable…I have used his services for several years, as well as my family and friends, never let us down. Nothing but the best.

Oscar G.

If you ever need a referral, tell them to call me, I’ll say nice things about you.  Because I am a lawyer and it’s obvious that I don’t have a problem lying to people.

Mark D.